I am passionate about using technology and agile project management to build incredible projects, from ideia's concept to finished product. I am graduated in business administration with a lot of experience in digital project management, creative technology, interactive projects, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Self-taught of technology. Science nerd. Occasional coder. Cloud nativist. Raspberry Pi and Linux enthusiast. Data analyst curious. Pop culture geek. Art lover. Traveller passionate. Challenge adept.

This is me! This page is to show a little about my work!

Erisson Orsso

Some Projects

Educacional game

Developed to Coca-Cola, with Kinect motion detection sensor. The children control the character doing gestures with their bodies, to came the end of the fase.

Mobile stories

Was developed 12 different mobile stories to Aymará Educação. The children would can touch and select a interactive element to continue the story.

Interactive showcase

Project developed to O Boticário, that transformed a simple shop’s showcase in a “interactive showcase” that would can help the costumers choose a product.

Educacional game

This project was developed to Electrolux and it is used in its trainings about work security, to its workers learn more about safety habits.

Interactive game

Gamification’s project developed to Federação das Indústrias do Estado do Paraná, for the International Conference of Innovative Cities.

Mobile interactive app

Developed to Natura, the project was responsible to present its new line of products, without interference of the spectators in the tablet.